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Environmental Risk Factors and Pre-Cancerous Biology


Research emphasizes cancer risks incited by lifestyle factors and environmental agents such as tobacco smoke. Studies are conducted to gain an integrated understanding of how nutrition, genetics, and environmental carcinogens participate in cancer causation and progression. The entire tumor microenvironment is interrogated to identify risk factors and potential molecular targets as well as to understand how modulation of immune responses may improve the selection of target(s) for high-risk cohorts. The findings from these studies serve as the basis for the development of cancer prevention intervention strategies in preclinical models and then in clinical trials.

In addition to an individual’s inherited genetic risk, factors such as life-style habits (physical activity, smoking, diet), concurrent diseases (obesity, diabetes), and etiological agents (environmental carcinogens and tumor promoters, microbes) may influence cancer risks. Thus, CCPDD research focuses on genetic as well as on environmental risk factors of relevance to Oklahomans in the development of precancerous tumors and their progression to malignant invasive cancers. 

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Chinthalapally V. Rao, PhD
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Various laboratories in the Center offer research experience and training opportunities to postdoctoral and clinical fellows, residents, and students ranging from high school through graduate levels.

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