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Cancer Immunoprevention


The focus of this research is to understand and develop immunopreventive strategies for the prevention of solid tumors; to develop tumor antigen specific vaccines and generate cytotoxic helper T cells specific for tumor antigens for adoptive immunopreventive strategy. 

To identify agents that stimulate the innate immune system to eliminate tumors, and counteract the ability of cancer cells to convert active immune cells into tolerant immune cells.

To develop biologically relevant animal models for solid tumors to assess the immune responses and to evaluate different vaccines and adoptive immunopreventive strategies. Potential vaccines and/or innate immunostimulatory agents are being tested in combination with chemoprevention drugs in preclinical models and clinical phase I and II studies. These optimized strategies will be translatable for the prevention of both primary and secondary cancer in high risk populations.

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Center for Cancer Prevention and Drug Development Clinic
975 NE 10th St., BRC 1203
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
P: (405) 271-3224
F: (405) 271-3225


Chinthalapally V. Rao, PhD
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Collaborating Centers for NCI Prevention Cancer Drug / Biomarkers Development

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MD Anderson Cancer Center
New York University Medical Center
Penn State Cancer Institute
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
The State University of New York, Stony Brook
University of Alabama
University of Alabama
University of Washington

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