Stephenson Cancer Center Membership

Membership in Stephenson Cancer Center is open to all faculty members from the University of Oklahoma or other eligible institution (see below) who will promote the mission and goals of Stephenson. Members from all areas of cancer research are encouraged, including basic, translational and clinical research, pharmaceutical sciences, populations sciences, and behavioral and psychosocial science.

Who is Eligible for Membership?

  • Faculty from the University of Oklahoma (Health Sciences Center, Norman or Tulsa campuses), Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma State University or other affiliated institution who are actively engaged in cancer-related research
  • OU Health Science Center clinical faculty from any discipline who are actively engaged in clinical research and patient care activities to better understand and treat cancer 

Membership Benefits

  • Research Funding | Stephenson provides directed-research and seed grant funding opportunities to members to support promising cancer-focused projects.
  • Program Membership | As a member of a Stephenson research program, members have access to activities and funding intended to promote and support program-focused, collaborative research.
  • Shared Resources | Stephenson Cancer Center has multiple shared resources to support cancer research. Members typically receive discounted rates at these shared resources.
  • Research Seminars | Stephenson Cancer Center hosts an active annual schedule of research seminars, workshops and events.
  • Proposal Services Support | The Proposal Services Core can assist members with grant preparation and submission.

Membership Categories

Member (Full): Faculty who are actively engaged in cancer research as evidenced by being:

  • Principal Investigator on a national, peer-reviewed, cancer-focused grant, or
  • Principal Investigator of a peer‐reviewed, investigator-initiated, interventional clinical trial, or
  • Holding a significant administrative or leadership position at Stephenson Cancer Center

Associate Member: Faculty who are actively engaged in cancer‐related research as evidenced by:

  •  A record of peer-reviewed publications and / or grants, or
  • Faculty from any clinical discipline who are actively engaged in clinical research and patient care activities to better understand and treat cancer. 

Research Program Affiliation

Applicants should select a Research Program that best aligns with their primary research interests: 

Application and Appointment Process

A completed Membership Application Form along with curriculum vitae and an updated NIH biosketch should be submitted via email to:

Stephenson Cancer Center

Office of Cancer Research
P: (405) 271-1878

All applicants will receive a letter from Stephenson Cancer Center notifying them of the decision concerning membership within 30 days of submitting a complete application. Membership appointments will be for three years.

Membership Review

Stephenson Cancer Center membership will be reviewed every three years. Members will be asked to submit an updated NIH biosketch and a brief statement describing current research, interactions within their primary program, and any other pertinent information.

Membership categories may be reassigned, or membership may be revoked, if performance criteria are not met. Stephenson's Director has final authority pertaining to membership assignment and revocation.

Membership Application Form

To apply for membership to Stephenson Cancer Center, please use this form, and return with your CV and updated NIH biosketch to